Will Guy Electrical has a vast amount of experience in integrated digital technology. A modern CCTV system involves an integrated system comprising of static cameras and pan, tilt, and zoom cameras to enable operators to monitor remotely from a control room.

From 1 camera to a thousand cameras, with our innovations and use of the latest technology available, we can design a multifaceted system to meet all your business needs.

Our system involves sophisticated technology, and can include features such as:

  • DVR ‘s with removable hard disk drives
  • Night vision using the latest IR technology available
  • Networked IP based CCTV to enable you to view the cameras from the comfort of your office or from your laptop/handheld device anywhere in the world
  • PIR detectors are linked to the cameras which send live video images to a monitoring station to allow real time video of the alarm activation
  • PA System linked to the system to enable instant communication with your site
  • With the latest in infrared technology, our systems can work in pitch-blackness, bringing images up to daylight level.

With each design we carry out a risk assessment which allows the system to be flexible in the future and has the ability to adapt to changing circumstances.

Maintenance of CCTV, Fire alarms, Access Control Systems

We offer a wide range of services to our customers, including regular maintenance of any system. We also offer our maintenance service to any company who may not have had their CCTV, fire alarm or Access Control System installed by us, if they have been let down by their existing supplier.